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Terril Planning & Zoning Board Members


   Building permits are required for new construction of houses, garages, sheds commercial buildings, etc.

   A building permit is required for an accessory structure (sheds, detached garages, including moving a shed or garage on to a lot).  Any structural addition to an existing house or building requires a building permit.

   Decks and fences require building permits.

   All building permits must be approved by the Zoning Administrator and City Council before building is to begin.  Contact Zoning Administrator Tim Matthews at 853-6319 to obtain a building permit.




Don Von Ehwegen, Chairman

Don Holmberg

Orville Lewis

Terril Board of Adjustment

Mark Lair II,, Chairman

Tammy Kirschbaum

Scot Matthews

Paul Williams

Ron Zelinksy


City of Terril

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